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6 Million+ Students are on Internshala Today

What strategies attracted those many? Let's see

Hey 👋

I still remember how one of my cousins struggled just to get one internship while she was in college. Yep, she was a 2014 graduate, but her internship struggle started in the initial days of Internshala.

I am pretty sure at least one of you reading this, has been on an internship hunt on Internshala!

Today (after almost 10 years), I am on the verge of graduation and looking for internships! Trust me, I bagged 3 internships in 100x less time 😼 than what my cousin spent.

I’d master a skill and get an internship. Master a skill and get an internship... And repeat!

Oh god! How did I do that? Well, let's just say I hit the jackpot (haha!) It's just the magic of Internshala. With 6 million+ other students (and now even early career professionals) like me registered, here's what makes Internshala more magnetic. 

Top Key Takeaways for PMs [Internshala]

  • User-Centric Design: Focus on user experience and simplicity while prioritizing features that improve usability and accessibility.

  • Agile Iteration: Adopt an iterative approach to product development to respond faster to user feedback and market trends. 

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with various organizations to expand reach and credibility. Develop better and long-term partnerships. 

  • Community Engagement: Build a user community to develop loyalty and advocacy. Keep the community more engaged in any way. 

  • Scalability and Infrastructure: Identify the future scalability needs and invest in scalable technology infrastructure. 

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leverage data analytics and techniques to make informed strategic decisions and product improvements. 

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Internshala’s Founding Story

Source: SugarMint

Internshala is an online platform that was founded in 2010 by Sarvesh Agrawal. It originated from Sarvesh's personal experience of struggling to find internships when he was in his college years.

Seeing this need to bridge the gap between students and employers, Sarvesh ventured on a mission to create a platform that helps students find internship opportunities in comfort and kickstart their careers.

Problems identified by Sarvesh

When the base is robust, so will the building. There are many reasons why Internshala is ruling the internship world in India. Before the birth of this gem, there were several key challenges in the internship world that the platform aimed to address:

1. Lack of Access to Opportunities

Many students, especially those from non-metro cities or smaller educational institutions, faced difficulties accessing quality internship opportunities. Traditional methods of finding internships, such as personal networks or campus placements, often left many students underserved.

2. Limited Visibility for Employers

Employers, particularly in smaller businesses and startups, struggled to reach out to a diverse pool of qualified candidates for their internship programs. Traditional recruitment methods, such as job fairs or campus visits, were often limited in scope and reach.

3. Information Asymmetry

There was a significant information gap between students and employers regarding internship opportunities. Students often lacked visibility into available internships, while employers found it challenging to identify suitable candidates efficiently.

4. Inefficiency in Matching

The process of matching students with internship opportunities was often inefficient and time-consuming. Students had to sift through numerous job portals, newspapers, or company websites, while employers had to manage a flood of applications, often resulting in mismatches and wasted resources.

5. Skill Development Gap

Many students, particularly from underprivileged areas, lacked the skills and experiences to secure internships in competitive industries. Traditional education systems often focus more on theoretical knowledge than practical skills, leaving students ill-equipped for the demanding job market. 

6. Geographic Constraints

Geographic constraints posed a significant barrier to internship opportunities, especially for students living in remote or rural areas. Limited access to transportation and accommodation further worsened this challenge, restricting students' ability to pursue internships in different locations.

Overall, the problem statement for Internshala revolved around the need to democratize access to 

- Internship opportunities, 
- Bridge the gap between students and employers, 
- Simplify the internship matching process and 
- Equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce. 

Addressing these challenges, Internshala aims to empower students with internships and skill development opportunities and help them build successful careers. 

The platform is committed to providing a level playing field for students from all backgrounds, regardless of their location, educational institution, or socioeconomic status. Internshala aims to make internships accessible, transparent, and rewarding for students and employers.

Internshala’s Solution

Internshala tackled the challenges in the internship landscape through a multifaceted approach that involved the development of innovative features, improvements to existing services, and strategic initiatives aimed at empowering students and connecting them with opportunities.

Here's how Internshala addressed the key problems:

1. Comprehensive Platform

Source: GitHub

Internshala developed a thorough online platform as a one-stop destination for internship opportunities, skill development programs, career resources, and employer solutions.

By squeezing these services into a single platform, Internshala simplified the internship search process for students and provided employers with a centralized platform to connect with qualified candidates.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Source: Muzli

Internshala prioritized simplicity and ease of use in the design of its platform, ensuring that students and employers could navigate the website intuitively.

The platform's user-friendly interface features reflexive search functionality, personalized recommendations, and clear instructions, making it accessible to users of all backgrounds and technical abilities.

3. Advanced Search and Filtering

Source: Internshala

Internshala implemented advanced search and filtering capabilities that allow students to narrow down internship opportunities based on their preferences, such as location, industry, duration, stipend, and skill requirements.

This targeted approach enables students to find internships that align with their interests and qualifications more efficiently, reducing time and effort.

4. Profile Creation and Optimization

Source: Internshala

Internshala introduced profile creation features that enable students to showcase their skills, education, experiences, and interests to potential employers.

By optimizing their profiles with relevant information and keywords, students can increase their visibility and attractiveness to employers, improving their chances of securing internships.

5. Application Tracking

Source: Quora

Internshala implemented application tracking features that allow students to monitor the status of their internship applications in real time. 

This clarity provides students with peace of mind and lets them follow up on their applications and take proactive steps to improve their chances of success in further applications.

6. Skill Development Courses

Source: LinkedIn

Internshala expanded its offerings to include online training programs covering in-demand skills across various industries.

These self-paced courses let students upskill themselves and improve their employability, bridging the skill development gap and increasing their competitiveness in the job market.

7. Outreach and Partnerships

Source: LinkedIn

Internshala engaged in strategic outreach efforts and partnerships with educational institutions, companies, and organizations to expand its reach and impact. 

By collaborating with stakeholders across the ecosystem, Internshala amplified its message, increased awareness about internship opportunities, and boosted mutually beneficial relationships.

Overall, Internshala's solution involved 

- Leveraging technology, 
- User-centric design, and 
- Strategic partnerships 

to create a platform that empowers students connects them with opportunities, and boosts their professional growth and development. Internshala has changed how students approach internships and laid the foundation for a more inclusive and dynamic workforce by addressing the fundamental challenges.

How did Internshala do it?

Internshala's implementation of its solution involved a combination of technological innovations, strategic partnerships, and platform enhancements aimed at improving the user experience and maximizing the impact of its services.

Here's a detailed look at how Internshala implemented its solution:

1. Technological Infrastructure

Internshala invested in a robust technological infrastructure to support its platform's functionalities and scalability. It involved developing a secure and scalable web application powered by modern web development frameworks and cloud-based hosting solutions.

Internshala leveraged HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to build its platform, ensuring reliability, performance, and flexibility.

2. Advanced Search and Algorithms

Internshala implemented advanced search and recommendation algorithms to improve the platform's functionality and provide personalized experiences for users based on their behavior.

By leveraging machine learning and data analytics techniques, Internshala continuously improves its algorithms to match students with opportunities and optimize user engagement.

3. Mobile Optimization

Recognizing the increasing bulk of mobile devices, Internshala optimized its platform for mobile responsiveness, ensuring seamless access and usability across smartphones and tablets.

It involved adopting responsive web design principles, optimizing page load times, and prioritizing essential features and content for mobile users. Internshala also developed native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. 

4. Strategic Partnerships

Internshala developed strategic partnerships with educational institutions, companies, nonprofits, and government organizations to expand its reach and impact.

These partnerships enabled collaboration on various initiatives, such as internship programs, skill development workshops, campus recruitment drives, and promotional campaigns.

By leveraging the networks and resources of its partners, Internshala strengthened its message, increased awareness, and reached new audiences.

5. Continuous Iteration and Feedback Loop

Internshala adopted an iterative approach to product development, continuously gathering feedback from users and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and refinement.

This feedback loop informed decision-making processes, guiding the prioritization of feature improvements, bug fixes, and usability improvements.

Internshala actively collected feedback through user surveys, focus groups, customer support channels, and social media platforms, promoting a culture of responsiveness and customer-centricity.

6. Community Engagement

Internshala cultivated an active and engaged community of users through various engagement initiatives, such as forums, blogs, webinars, and social media interactions. These platforms acted as a means to share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on projects.

Internshala created a sense of belonging and connection among its users, encouraging loyalty and advocacy for the platform by focusing on a community ecosystem. 

Through continuous innovation and collaboration, Internshala remains committed to democratizing access to internships and skill development opportunities for students worldwide.

What’s the scope for Internshala?

Internshala's future direction is in the emerging trends in education, technology, and the job market, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Here's a peek into the potential future circuit of Internshala:

1. Expansion of Services

Internshala may expand its services beyond internships and skill development to offer a broader range of career resources, such as mentorship programs, networking events, and career coaching services.

There's potential to diversify course offerings to include emerging technologies and industries, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, sustainability, and remote work skills.

2. Global Reach

Internshala could explore opportunities to expand its reach beyond India and cater to students and employers in other countries. It could involve partnerships with international educational institutions, companies, and organizations.

Today, it organizes international student internship fairs, but it will need time for Internshala to exercise this expansion. 

Localization efforts, such as translating the platform into multiple languages and adapting content to local contexts, could enhance accessibility and relevance for international users.

3. Embracing Technology

Internshala may leverage emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality, to improve its platform's functionality and user experience.

Investing in mobile technologies and wearable devices could further extend Internshala's reach and accessibility, catering to the preferences and behaviors of mobile-first users.

Internshala could anticipate and adapt to evolving trends in the future of work, such as remote work, gig economy, and automation. This could involve offering remote internships, freelancing opportunities, and courses on digital nomadism and remote collaboration.

Partnering with companies and industry experts to provide insights into emerging job roles, skills in demand, and career pathways could help students prepare for the changing work industry. 

6. Adapting to Market Changes

Internshala must stay adaptive to regulatory changes, such as data privacy laws and labor regulations, that may impact its operations and business model.

Monitoring market dynamics, competitive landscapes, and technological advancements will be crucial for anticipating shifts in user preferences, industry trends, and competitive threats.

Did you know?

Internshala itself relies on interns for a significant portion of its workforce. That's right! Around 22% of their team consists of interns.


Internshala's impact has benefited students, employers, and the broader community. By giving access to internships and skill development, Internshala empowered students to gain practical experience, acquire in-demand skills, and kickstart their careers.

Employers gained access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates, allowing them to fill internship positions efficiently and promote talent pipelines. 

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